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A trash the dress allows the bride and groom to wear their wedding clothes again but in a different place and with much more time to explore.

“It was created as the name says to ˜trash the dress,’ taking it into water, mud or even burning it.

Brides should go to some place that is special to them, or a spot that they always wanted to go, and just make the most of that place along with their husband.


A lot of couples like to do a trash the dress so they don’t have to take all the pictures on the wedding day itself, They’re therefore more free to enjoy the party, and also be able to go to a different location, It appeals to brides that really love to have a great photographic memory of their wedding.”

TOP TIP​S           

To get the best out of your trash the dress pick a location with a special meaning to you as a couple.

you and your other half can bring props if you want to or just simply put the dress on and enjoy yourselves.

Just £350 

including 36x36 Canvas worth £186.00