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Glamour with Swarovski Crystals

10 spreads 30x45 (12x18")

At a glance

Each Glamour with Swarovski Design cover is adorned with sublime Swarovski crystals. A unique combination of innovative approach and the prestige of jewelry accessories. Available in selected leatherettes and textiles. This collection offers five different patterns to adorn your album's cover. A certificate of authenticity is issued with each genuine Swarovski Crystal adorned product.

  • handmade hardcover

  • lay flat, rigid cards with 800g/m² paperweight

  • Fuji Silk or Fuji Pearl paper - minimum 5 up to maximum 40 spreads

  • Canon Deep Matte paper - minimum 5 up to maximum 40 spreads

  • Mohawk Matte paper - minimum 5 up to maximum 40 spreads