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Commercial Aerial Works


Aerial photography and videography have many commercial applications in the construction, planning and engineering fields. 

As a company using the latest drone technology,

we are able to produce high quality HD video and images

Not only are we able to produce these video and images but we are now able to convert these into a 3D mapped image which we can provide for you in numerous file formats or as a completed image.

Give your video the WOW factor by including breathtaking aerial images.

For an additional cost, our CAA approved drone pilot, can produce stunning aerial footage to show off your premises, park, gardens or stately home, filmed in full HD, using an aerial camera and gimbal we are able to produce smooth faultless images. provided to you in any of the following formats. Youtube, Vimeo, Dvd or on a Memory stick.

The Benefits Of Using Drone Technology

          more affordable than using a helicopter or airplane.


          You are able to see the footage in the first person view using our viewing screen               connected to the ground station unit.


          You are able to guide the Pilot and camera whilst in flight communicating directly              with the pilot and ground crew through a two way radio link, minimising the need            of a second flight.


          Drones maybe able to access areas that are outside a conventional aircrafts                      capabilities                                  


Additional Information

As a company operating drones for commercial operations we are regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority and as such our pilot is licensed, insured and must follow strict guidelines.

Approved pilot