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Evidence Supports The Benefits Of Video Advertising And Marketing

Whether you are a small business or a larger organization, there is a lot of compelling evidence to support the use of online video marketing, and that this should be a major focus of your advertising and marketing budget.

It's More Affordable Than You Might Think

So how much does it cost? Not as much as you might think.


Nathan James Film Productions can film and produce your video

for less than £600.00.  That's less than £1.65 a day for the first Year,

then it's free as you own the Advertisement.

(Addition costs may be required for music licence PRS)


What other marketing and advertising media can you think of where you can reach a potential audience of 100 million customers per day for just £1.65.


Can you afford not to invest in you!


Commercial Advertising Styles

Video advertising can take many forms and we will discuss your

vision and particular requirements whilst suggesting the best

format to fulfill your product and advertising needs.

shouldersSometimes a simple head and shoot on location

is all that is required followed by minimal post production work.

Other times an on-location documentary style shoot may enable a better visual representation of your service or product.

text and music in descriptive We can provide post production to ensure your message gets across.

Andover Nails Advertisement

See this video and other full video's in the video and testimonial section

If a location shoot is not appropriate or the location is unavailable, we can work with green screen to provide the perfect visual selling environment which will be matched to your product or service. 

This involves much more post production work but the results often speak for themselves.


CKI Womans Premier Business Clubs Advert

See the full edited video in our video and testimonial section

Corporate Events

For all your corporate event filming needs Nathan James Film Production fits the bill, whether it's producing quality video of Seminar's, Keynote speeches, documentary style overview, award ceremonies or an advertisement for future networking events.

We can help you engage with your audience as well as promote

future events and Reach those not able to attend on the day, 

From Highlights of the day with interviews with speakers and delegates

to full coverage of the day's events. We can adapt accordingly.


We can even produce printed DVD's for you to distribute.


AWIB Event

See the full edited video in our video and testimonial section

The Big Networking Event

See the full edited video in our video and testimonial section

 Using video enables you to reach a higher capacity audience

than your venue alone would accommodate ensuring that

your message reaches the masses and promotes future engagement. 


See the full edited video in our video and testimonial section

Nathan James Film Productions does not just cover corporate events, We are highly adaptable and have a scalable pricing structure that can accommodate most budgets.


Whatever your Vision,

Whatever your need,

Call us and we can help you make it happen.